Go weird, Go Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria is extravagant in its own distinctive ways. The castles that portray an elegance beyond words, the monuments that narrate the stories of an epoch, the alleys that summon to try austrian sweet delicacies, the streets that lure with good food, wine and music, the gardens that bloom with enchanting flowers and the boulevards that fascinate to explore more- Vienna dazzles all to go a little wild, a little weird and a little crazy. 

Feel the vibe of being on the red carpet inside a royal palace.
Horse carts- don’t ride them, just pose and get clicked.

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Find this cutie at Hofburg Palace complex and take a quick snap!
Cherish the little kid in you and forget the world around you!
Dip and dig-in, because holiday calories do not count! 

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Enjoy the sumptuous schnitzels from a road-side vendor.
Do not miss to hunt him down at Maria-Theresien-Platz– for he is too twee to resist!
Feel the romance in the air and walk in love with these traffic signals on ringstrasse.
Just follow what they say- too good to be true! 

Take pride in being weird and being wild- life is too short to spend in tears. For more such inspiration, join my conversation and learn more about my voyage on my social pages.