A romantic evening in Geneva

It all started on my birthday in 2018: 16th April, 2018.

16th April:

  • The day when the first train was introduced in Asia in 1853 from Bombay to Tanna.
  • The day when US Post Office issued 1st books of postage stamps in 1900.
  • The day when the test flight of heavy Saturn S-1C-rocket happened in 1965.
  • The day when a World record was documented for gathering Charlie Chaplin lookalikes in Chaplin museum in Vevey, Switzerland in 2017.

Source: Here.

Clearly, the day is meant to explore the unexplored and every year I follow this tradition to make it a grandeur success.

This time with no concrete plans on the map, my husband decided to surprise me eloquently. The tinge of exploration still remains with a twist of local flavours- we RE-EXPLORED Geneva. (Yayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- ouch! was that too loud?)

The surprise plan was a luxurious dinner at Windows restaurant, which is a part of Hotel d’Angleterre. I still have no clue why he chose that place but indeed it proved to be one of the best dinner ever.

romantic evening in geneva

As my husband already reserved a seat for us to treat his birthday girl special, the restaurant gladly offered us one of the best sitting area in the restaurant. Under the chandelier of authentic rustic aroma, overlooking a painted canvas of lake geneva and Jet d’eau, blanketed with the comfort of some soothing music, we knew champagne was calling us loud. And with a menu that beholds an array of finest selection, the choice was never easy.

romantic evening in geneva
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Champagne, view, love, meal, crisps, laughter (whisper: I grew a year older but who cares?)- everything was perfect to make that moment memorable.

romantic evening in geneva

And just when we were convinced not to order a dessert, the surprise unfolded. A piece of cake with my name on it, a candle juggling over it waiting for a wish to make, and a birthday jingle reminding that there’s an undying kid in each one of us; the restaurant went a step ahead to surprisingly surprise me on my husband’s surprise and to his and my surprise, it was all very surprising!

I am still struggling to compliment the creditor: was it my husband who planned the surprise or was it the restaurant staff who with their impeccable service pledged to live his surprise. All said and done, I could not have asked for more.

Few days later I could not resist knowing more about the restaurant and the hotel and asked the spokesperson, Romain Deffaugt, if he could spare some time for this desperate soul.

Turns out there was a fortune of information that was waiting for me. For starters, Romain and the hotel believe and religiously follow 12 quotes, including my favourite of all, “No request is too large, no detail too small”. That was ofcourse evident in all their gestures, food and service.

With 18 such properties in the world and with an owner, Ms. Beatrice Tollman, who herself shares an archive status of a kitchen chef, the staff believes in “building an emotional bond with the guest”. Emphasizing completely on the service, Romain adds that they offer “simple, yet, good food that is also season specific.” Perhaps truffles in winters and asparagus in spring add to their distinctive menu to welcome all international business and leisure travelers. Romain admits that the serving follows a “bistronomic” cult that “balances looks with taste, spice with flavour and service with ambience.”

romantic evening in geneva
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Romain further highlighted that they have introduced a rare new concept: The afternoon treat, vegan and gluten free. They also have August dedicated to Indian cuisine served to perfection and authenticity. They specifically get an Indian chef who rules the table with his culinary art of gastronomical ecstasy. Check out the menu here. They also have a weekend brunch every Sunday that can also be customized on pre-request and a kids pastry workshop on one of the Wednesdays in a month for the nurturing future talented chefs.

The afternoon tea evolves as an enthusiastic concept to vitalize the senses, yet provide the substantial dose of comfort and relaxation. Hotel d’Angleterre takes a wide leap by offering the best of world cuisines with no restrictions and compromises. With a distinguished vegan and gluten-free menus using the best of filings and condiments, the restaurant promises an elegant and a classified experience. Justifying their motto and deep rooted tradition of simplicity with excellence, the afternoon tea is accompanied by an enormous buffet of scones, cakes, pastries and muffins. And yes, one in the gluten free menu, other vegan. Not to forget to mention, globally sourced ingredients make the finest selection of tea for the lovers of quality and sublimity. And as I say, a superlative and an experiential afternoon is just a call away.

romantic evening in geneva

I also got this opportunity to visit their club lounge called ‘Leopard’. An inviting cigar compound with diverse selection from all the world,  an ambience profused with seductive array of drinks and a live band harmonizing the anodized notes of appease- the lounge had this and much more to offer.

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romantic evening in geneva

romantic evening in geneva















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