Things to carry on a road trip

Renting a car is a process in itself but the experience that it offers is divine. You can learn everything about renting a car in Europe here.

Wheels add an extra zing of frolic, measuring the escapade with the annotations of espy. But without this list of things to carry on a road trip, you might be missing on a huge chunk of recreation.

Offline maps

Planning a road trip and want to save your money on GPS. Seems right and why not, when you have a free option to choose. Select your preferred area, snip it and save it in google maps. Doesn’t matter if you have the internet or not, the offline google maps will still direct you and ensure a smooth drive across destinations.

Song playlist

No roadtrip can be complete without a perfect song playlist. It is imperative to add an acoustic background note to the whole experience of enchant and ecstasy. Nod your head with the beats, shout out loud with the lyrics or just sway with melody- choice is yours, afterall it is your playlist!

Aux cable or a pendrive

Now that’s a great tip that has really helped me survive my road trips. Carry an aux cable to connect your playlist saved in the phone with the stereo and also store your playlist on an external USB. Reasons are simple. Prefer to choose any medium based on your convenience, stereo structure, phone battery and phone usage.

Portable charger

Most rented cars have an option to charge your phones but its not a mandate. It is always advisable to carry a fully charged portable charger to never let your phone chase an undying death. Specially if you are using offline google maps and playing songs with your phone, a portable charger is a must carry on. Charge your phone whenever, wherever and however you want.

Bluetooth speakers

Well, well, one can always argue that if you have a stereo in the rented car, why would you ever ask for an external audio source. True and false. Most of the times, in an economy rented car there is no stereo and that’s when the USB, portable charger and a BT speaker- all make sense. Few of these basic necessities during a road trip promise an uninterrupted convivial experience.

So that was my list of things that I ensure and I cross my heart, never fail to carry on my road trip. Well… I just forgot one! A great company that assures a smile on your face throughout, safeguards your happy soul and makes all your road trips a story to narrate!

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