Grandson castle medieval festival 2018

History repeats itself. But seldom it is so engaging and entertaining. At Château de Grandson or Grandson Castle, on 18th and 19th August, 2018, there was the perfect portrayal and depiction of the grand medieval period, inviting hundreds and thousands of locals and tourists to rejoice a golden era of the ancient history.

The Grandson Castle

Overlooking the Lake of Neuchâtel, this médieval fortress (11th-14th c.) identifies itself in a magnified glory of magnificence and nobility. The fortress at Grandson witnessed the battle between the troops of Charles the Bold and those of the Confederates.

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Grandson castle medieval festival
The beautiful view of the Neuchatel lake from the castle

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Free entertainment

The event re-introduced the concept of the medieval age, detailing the anecdotes from the pages of a chronicle. A gamut of artisans, dancers, jugglers, musicians and painters- all gathered under one roof to recreate the magic of an age. There was something for everybody to experience the enchantment of the period and that of the castle.

Free costumes for all ages

The castle celebrated the medieval period by offering free costumes to all. It added an extra tinge of reliving that period. More such free activities like stone carving, calligraphy writing and pottery- making revived the essence of being a part of the medieval age.

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Sumptuous medieval era food

Not to forget to mention, the restaurant served the authentic medieval food cooked in metal pots and clay pots. Simplest of ingredients including vegetables, rice and deer, well cooked for long in pots with limited, yet best of flavours, summoned us back to the era of splendid virtue.

Grandson castle medieval festival
Soup prepared in clay and metal pots

Free entry to museums

Museums explicitly narrated the story of the medieval period. They exhibited the arms, armors, treasure and crossbows that were used in that era. There was also a torture chamber and a dungeon that were open for visitation and learning.

Grandson castle medieval festival
The Burgundian Treasure

Walk on THE WALL

To add it to all, a walk on the fortress wall gave panoramic glimpses of the lake from the castle. The summit of the castle tower offered mesmerizing views of the region, lake and the city. One can easily spot the arrow funnels that were used earlier to identify and target the enemy.

I am also preparing a small video of my experience of the Medieval Festival in Grandson castle and it will be uploaded soon.

Insider tips:

  • The nearest train station is Grandson Gare which is approximately 500 meters walk to the castle.
  • Alternatively, from Yverdon les bains gare, bus numbers 630 and 635 directly stop at the castle.
  • If you are coming by car, it is better to check out the parking options in advance. There is a school that offers free parking during the event and is at a walking distance from the castle.
  • For ticket admissions, please check here.

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Grandson Medieval festival 2018 Grandson Medieval festival 2018