A day trip to Creux-du-van

Switzerland is beyond alps, lakes, snow clad mountains and pastures. The topography varies from region to region, surprising people with its natural habitation and beyond.


Creux-du-van is one such exploration.
It took almost 200 million years for this gorge to reach its supremacy. Awed in its own depth of silent whispers, it definitely takes the distant picturesque vision to a new level. The native evolution of the region derives from the family of farmers who used to rear cows and produce milk to make cheese. More than decades now, the region still boasts of its simplicity and purity. The region, however secluded, promises a superlative experience of the gorge.

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Reaching there

Driving is the easiest way to reach the gorge. The roads get narrower towards the end but driving is still hassle-free. There is a small restaurant called Restaurant du Soliat that allows free parking and ample space to sit and to enjoy a fondue. The gorge is hardly a walk of 500-600 meters from the restaurant.

Another option is hiking from Noiraigue.

The Drone video of Creux du van

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