Jet, set and GO- My best road trips in Europe

Jet, set and go! Road trips are always close to our hearts. What’s a heel without a wheel and what’s a travel life without a drive. Some of our best road trips are indeed our best travel anecdotes too. Road trips define the depth of the place, it is like exploring the soul of the destination and giving wings to oneself to discover extremities.

Here, we list a few of our favourites and most recommended road trips in Europe (listed alphabetically w.r.t the name of the country). These road trips have the glimpses of unexplored saga, have brilliance of the natural ecstasy and have the illustration of pure traverse.

Salzburg to Hallstatt, Austria

Travel can never make us sick. It is one thing which we refuse to believe that it is over-rated. The road trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt further strengthens our belief. All different shades of horizons can be felt and seen in this trip. A multitude of colours in the best of their tints are thrown to eyes for a pleasurable journey. 

The drive is all across the austrian mountains, valleys and alleys that bring a new perspective to the whole notion of a road trip. The wait to chase the small town of Hallstatt is definitely worth after this drive. A perfect way to create memories.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia to Kotor, Montenegro

All across the border, thuja trees welcome the tourists in abundance. From Dubrovnik to the border, we passed through the towns of Mlini and Cavtat that offered a mesmerizing view of the city from a height. Orange roof tops, dark blue sea, bright sky and green trees- you know you have got one album that will be cherished for years!

From the border to Kotor, the drive along the sea is a delight in itself. Once you enter the territory of Montenegro, a whole gamut of natural euphony unleashes. Two islands- one natural and one man-made, park themselves like the two jewels in the sea, narrating an era. The brilliance is a sheer mystery.

A view to gain
Islands built on a memory lane
Shining brighter and for better
In sunshine, mist, shower and rain

Levi, Finland to Skibotn, Norway

Summers have their own charm-agreed; but winters can also promise an experiential drive. 

It was late January 2018, when a road trip across the length of Finland filled our hearts with curiosity to explore ‘quite’ the unexplored. 

We started from Helsinki, moved further to greet Santa Claus in his village, crossed the arctic circle, stayed in Levi and then headed to Skibotn, Norway which was 67°N. The drive was marked by snow-covered mountains, blizzarded conical trees, frozen lakes and an endless road- all nestled together to offer a perfect tribute to the eyes and the soul.

Soon publishing the full experience.

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Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France

Well, the name says it all. We drove from Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio and witnessed the curviest routes of all times. In spirals and in loops, it took us a few miles to adapt to the road and in no time, we knew our wheels and heels. 

The drive was charming with every curve offering a new sight to discover. A warm sunny day and an elated soul just added to the quaint of the place. The drive was all across the valleys, the hills, the beaches and the ridges, that set a perfect mood and furnished a perfect photo album. It was much easier with a car to do the beach hopping and to explore this alluring island.

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Ring Road, Iceland

No words and no pictures can define the road trip in Iceland. Iceland is one such country that boasts of its natural beauty in its purest and rawest form. From the ice glaciers to diamond beach, from geysirs to each distinctive waterfall, Iceland scores a peak when it comes to allure the vision.

I visited Iceland in October 2017. Hopping from Reykjavik to Vik and then back to Hvolsvöllur, we realised that Iceland is like that perfect painting where god has bequeathed his best of geographical ingredients and blessed it with purity of euphony. 

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A hill with three different hues
A rainbow drifting the blues
Each and every frame, all with mesmerising views
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Florence to Siena, Italy

When nature speaks for itself, the words seem redundant. Our drive from Florence to Siena was one such story. Fording across the vineyards, crossing the bridges and traversing through boulevards, the drive was through multiple unidentified, small, beautiful italian villages that were each picturesque and graceful. Rain and shine dominated the drive and also offered us the best italian food we have ever devoured.

I would recommend visiting the vineyards and halting at villages for an authentic Tuscan experience.

The vineyards

Isle of Skye, Scotland

If romance peaks your life’s dictionary, this road journey will surpass all those meanings of romance. It is a new way of exploring to love and romance with nature.

Isle of Skye is like an extended version of Scotland accessible via a bridge. Contrary to the prevalent notion of oldest castles in this region, Isle of Skye has much more to offer. 

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Endlessly enjoying the escapade
Heaven so beautifully made
Under the blue shade

Morro to Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Spain

We visited Fuerteventura, Canary Islands in November 2016. Being the furthest south of the EU region, we were welcomed with a warm sunshine. We stayed in Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort, which was very close to the airport and acted as a perfect mid point for visiting both the north and south part of the island.

To compliment the whole setting, we rented a little sunshine car from the airport with a sunroof.

With the sand dunes on one side and a perfectly defined blue ocean on the other, driving along the island was iconic. Refined traffic rules and guidance, a good song playlist, best of speakers and a loving company- all just blended perfectly to make this road trip memorable.

A story never told
Only me and the sand of gold
With the sun shining ever bold
Just freeze the moment. Hold

Andermatt to Obergoms , Switzerland

Planning a road trip and not including Switzerland, is a sin. Switzerland has everything that one can ask for. Greener than green meadows with echoing bells, endless alps cuddling the small chalet villages and vastly deep valleys with a descriptive story.

I road tripped across the breadth of Switzerland, but most memorable part was the drive from the Andermatt through Furka pass to Obergoms. The highlight was the opportunity to get clicked at James Bond Point. It was late June and the roads were drenched in joyous rains of the season, yet it provided with a delightful experience of a lifetime.

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Love thy nature’s wealth
Journey as the rain stealth
Truly forbidden
Bringing joy and health

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