5 hidden and best cocktail bars in Geneva

Let’s shout out loud for the best, yet hidden, cocktails bars in Geneva.

This list would drown you to flatter your senses and still craving for more.

They are less popular known bars, hidden and hence, can promise a superlative experience with no compromises.

Despite the fact they are not tourist hangout options, there is no relief in the prices of the drinks.

L’ Apothicaire

This is literally like a second home to me. Preparing cocktails is an art and here is the hub of such artists. Zoom into the menu and dare to pick your favourite- mind you it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Best cocktail bars in geneva

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Just next to L’Apothicaire, this is another one levelled to its notch. Simple drinks with a twist- is what defines this place. Try even the elementary drinks like mojito and bloody mary and get bashed in the classic difference.

Best cocktail bars in geneva

L’ Etabli

Old fashion has never excelled before. A gentleman’s choice, as it is generally called, the drink gets its new definition here. Explore the aesthetic way to be in trance.

Bottle brothers

Dignify your drinks here. The mystery lies in its sublimity and in a stubborn choice of not having anything which is better, but only the best. You have reached the right place.

Best cocktail bars in geneva

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Cafe de la pointe

Just ask for shots. There is a board that carries a menu of concept shots, prepared from selected ingredients and the alcohol of your choice. It is going to be a hangover next morning, let’s glorify it atleast in style!

Best cocktail bars in geneva

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