A day trip to Gruyères and Cailler

“Well begun is half done.” A day trip to Gruyères and Cailler (Broc) was the first leap of my grand tour across Switzerland and it was just ecstatic!

gruyere and cailler
Outside Gruyères castle

Gruyères and Cailler in Fribourg region is a day delight to explore the pioneers of the cheese and chocolate makers. The reigning pioneers have excelled to a notch best possible, to offer one of the finest cheese and chocolate in the world. It’s a pleasure to learn and understand their processes of production and distribution, thus celebrating the sheer joy of consuming it every time.

And the grand leap

It is always better to start an early day to visit Gruyères Castle, Gruyères cheese factory and Cailler factory (Broc). The ticket prices can be checked here and here.

Gruyere castle

Let alone history make its own history, what remains next is all mystery.

The secluded castle of Gruyères on a hilltop depicts the story of evolution, power and possession. An epitome of integrity, it is interesting to discover the centuries between 12th and 16th century when the castle was built, crowned and ruled. The @lagruyere castle has seen centuries of celebration and an epoch of suffrage, still stands high and tall today, marking its territory of sovereignty. The written guide or a pamphlet included in the admission ticket narrates the anecdotes of that era, whilst introducing us to the various rooms, art forms and culture of that age. A movie with visual and audio effects completes the whole experience.

The chateau of Gruyères is not just an impression of chivalry. Rise and shine, power and defeat, down and death- the castle has seen all and more. The supreme location gets an extra credit for some amazing views of the region and of the city in particular. There are restaurants and cafes outside the castle that (obviously) serve a good cheesy bite! Parking is paid and convenient if one reaches early.

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Gruyères cheese factory:

Walking down the path from the castle, near the train station, Gruyères cheese factory reveals its secrets of finest cheese production. Precision, definitude and experience is what defines the making of the Gruyères cheese. Over the years, the processes have been refined for the better and for the best. (clearly they do not compromise on better- they only want to be the best.) With a team of skilled professionals and automated machines, Gruyères cheese factory gives a glimpse to its unexplored world. The audio guide is interestingly designed with a cow protagonist called Cherry, who takes us on her journey from milk production to cheese formation. The journey ends with the stalks of cheese all perfectly piled, maturing to their ace. What’s more? We get a free sample of cheese with every admission ticket!! Yayeeee!

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Cailler Chocolate factory

Cailler chocolate factory is like a dream wonderland. The journey through the factory portrays the chronicle of the discovery of the cocoa beans and finally, discovery of Cailler chocolate. The odyssey paints a picture of cocoa beans which has been characterized differently in different eras. Sometimes a symbol of love, sometimes addiction and sometimes even a sin, cocoa beans and chocolates have proven irresistible in every age. Thanks to Cailler, and his eager quest to create ONLY the best and the finest chocolates in the world, he found Broc as the ideal location to set up his factory. With exceptional quality of raw material procured from various parts of the world, chocolates at Cailler are defined by their meticulousness and exquisiteness. Each chocolate is prepared with attention to detail and precision to pass the rigorous test of perfection. That’s why we relish each and every Cailler chocolate.

The day ended with the tasting session of some exquisite selection of Cailler chocolates that can leave anyone craving for more. One of my best day trips so far.

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gruyere and cailler

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